Adcerp: A Digital Canopy Enterprise Resource Planner CS APPLICATION LICENCE

This software platform is bound by a derivitave commercial licence from Hive Aid Pty Ltd, associates entities and partners, it and contains elements including sublicenced elements to be licenced with configuration prepared for the sole use of *Collins Transport Group* within this organisation's ordinary operation and for external access by customers or remote workers. No part of this application may be disassembled, rewritten, modified, duplicated or sold without the express written approval of a Hive Aid director, excepting libraries of any existing licences underwritten and permitting.

This software may not be transferred or relicenced by the terms of this licence without express written permission of Hive Aid Pty Ltd as the licensor of this software platform.

Terms of use: Collins Transport and Hive Aid Pty Ltd and associated entities and partners do not warrant the software will be available or free of fault, it is the responsibility of the user(s) to ensure that manual/backup processes without these services are known and available to them at all times for use. By utilising this system you acknowledge no liability may arise for suppliers of this platform for failure resulting or arising from the usability or the capacity of the system to operate.